Keyboard-butterfly on your MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro post-2015 working correctly. Often they sink press E and R, proved by the newspaper the Wall Street Journal.

The author of the published material not so long ago bought a new MacBook. Four months ago, the computer from Apple has broken buttons keyboard — E, T and R. the Problem was familiar to the two employees of the publication. These keys, in their words, regularly hitting or pressed twice. The problem was noted in the models Pro or Air 2018.

To show what it’s like to work on this laptop, the journalist took out a keyboard all broken buttons. In this case the text, not surprisingly, became unreadable.

Photo source: The Wall Street Journal

That the new generation of MacBook has some problems with the keyboard, began to talk in 2016. Two years later, in 2018, Apple announced the launch of a program to free replacement keys. The Pro and Air laptops were released with the third-generation keyboard, but the problem remained.

The Corporation acknowledged that “a small number of users” encounter problems when using keyboard-butterfly. Apple was very apologetic, but emphasized that most experience with makbukom only positive.

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