Group working on its own voice assistant. As reported by “Vedomosti”, its working title is “Mary”.

According to the representative of the holding, quoted by the publication, “Marusya” — the working title of the project, and whether it will be used in the future are not yet known. It is noted that the company is developing the voice assistant, and a specialized column that will become a platform for assistant.

As expected, “Marusya” can be integrated into all the company’s products, “where it will make sense”.

The first voice assistant on the Russian market — “Alice” — in may of 2017 presented the “Yandex”. He has more than 30 thousand skills, for example, “Alice” can order a pizza or tickets to the airline. It works in the application of “Yandex”, the company’s browser, the Navigator and several other devices: multimedia column “Yandex. Station”, children’s electronic watch Elari KidPhone 3G and in the two budget columns, developed in collaboration with the Russian manufacturers of electronics.

The largest players in the market are the voice assistants Apple Siri project, Microsoft with Cortana, and Amazon Alexa with the project.

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