Smart Protect is already available in stores.

In all shops “the Messenger” has a new unique Smart Protect, which allows you to purchase smartphones with the subscription. A key feature of the new program Smart Protect is the ability of the buyer to take an old smartphone even in the case of a complete failure of the device.

Program Smart Protect

New service Smart Protect can be purchased at any store when buying a smartphone worth 5 thousand . rubles. The service fee is 20% of the cost of buying a smartphone. If the services the client is issued a special certificate, which is valid for 12 months. It can be used in the future to obtain great discounts when you exchange your old smartphone for a new one.

If the client uses the certificate in the period of six months, the discount on a new smartphone when depositing previously purchased is 70% of the value of your old device. If you use the certificate in the period 6 to 12 months, the discount will be 50% of the price of the old gadget. For example, if the client is “Coherent” is buying a smartphone worth 30 thousand rubles, and prepares the Smart Protect, but in six months he can buy a new model, saving 21 thousand rubles.

The representatives of “Svyaznoy” I believe that the new service will be popular among Russians, as it will allow them to use modern smartphones.

Source: Messenger.


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