Interesting forecast.

In the future, Internet access will be performed “on the passport”, said the Minister of culture of Russia Vladimir Medinsky. According to the head of the Ministry of culture, soon Internet access will be done through personal ID, and the anonymity of the Internet will gradually disappear. About it, Medina said in an interview with TASS, noting that it was “his personal Outlook”.

Medina believes that the Internet is “too free zone” that “needs regulation”. According to the forecast of the Minister, in the future, the Internet will be regulated much tighter, with the result that Internet access will be performed “on the passport”. Medinsky stressed that guarantees it.

“The Internet is certainly in need of regulation. In the future all over the world will be harder to govern, just trust me. What we in the future will log on to the Internet “passport” is, I guarantee you. Not only in Russia, all over the world. This issue will be resolved in our lives,” said Medina.

Also the head of the Ministry of culture said that Internet regulation is not within the competence of the Ministry and said that it was his personal forecast.

Source: TASS.


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