The Ministry of communications is developing a regulatory framework for the implementation in the Russia electronic SIM card (eSIM), told “Vedomosti” Deputy Minister Oleg Ivanov. The necessary documents will be prepared by the end of the year. ESIM is a module that replaces the SIM card. It can be embedded into a smartphone, tablet or smart watch. To connect to the cellular network, it is sufficient to scan the QR code provided by the operator, or to download his app.

The module is equipped with the latest model iPhone (Xs, Max Xs and Xr), Google Nexus, tablets and smart watches from Samsung and Apple.

In iPhone using eSIM can store up to five different numbers. Technology support operators T-Mobile (in Germany, Czech Republic, Austria and USA), the British EE, and in the USA Verizon and AT&T.

While that remains unresolved, the procedure of number portability for eSim. Also the Ministry of communications acknowledges the lack of operators required to operate Eletroniki SIM infrastructure.

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