The Ministry of communications plans to introduce the technology in Russia see will soon be able to use the technology eSim (Embedded Sim), which allows you to use the services of a cellular operator without a SIM card. The necessary regulatory framework for technology implementation in the Russian Federation the Ministry of communications intends to prepare for the end of 2019. You will not need to make changes to the legislation.

Technology eSim suggests that a special module integrated into the phone. This module recorded the phone number and user information. The chip allows you to change the mobile operator or tariffs on the level of the software, without going to the salon and purchase a new SIM card. Module eSim built into the phone that is identical to a regular SIM card functionality.

To the device eSim worked in required Declaration of conformity with the requirements of smartphone use means of communication adopted in Russia. To begin to use the eSim, the owner of the phone will need to scan using the device’s camera the QR code with the phone number that will be issued to the operators.

Now, the rules need to change SIM-card when changing rooms or when changing operator. Migration subscriber between operators with eSim in Russia is not yet resolved. In the article the newspaper “Vedomosti” noted that the operators do not have the necessary infrastructure for the introduction of eSim. However, the introduction of eSim in Russia will seriously affect the market, as there will be no need for intermediaries that sell SIM cards.

Technology eSim support the iPhone (Xs, Max Xs and Xr), Google Nexus, tablets and smart watches from Samsung and Apple. In the iPhone using the eSim module can store up to five different numbers.

Technology eSim is maintained at about 30 foreign operators, including T-Mobile, EE, Verizon and AT&T. the Operator Drimsim in February 2019 launched in Russia testing the technology eSim. While it is provided only service is Internet access. Drimsim module works only on Apple devices, and to participate in the testing, it is necessary to send the request.

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