The Ministry of communications plans to study the issue of prospects of the introduction of smart phones with pre-installed SIM cards (Embedded Sim, eSim) on the territory of Russia. Implementation will not require changes in legislation, it is reported in the paper prepared by the Ministry (a copy is in the RNS).

“The issue of prospects of introduction of devices with integrated SIM cards for use in mobile radiotelephone communication networks it is planned to study the event under a plan of Federal project “Informational infrastructure” the national program “Digital Russia””, — reported in the document.

In the certificate it is specified that the Rossvyaz has already registered the required Declaration of conformity that allows manufacturers or vendors to produce mobile devices with support for eSim.

However, with this, according to law, upon change of operator, the subscriber must change the SIM card. But this procedure has not yet been settled under a new technology, so as to retrieve the eSim from the mobile device is impossible, explained in the document.

One of the problems is the lack of infrastructure that would record the caller information on the built-in SIM card.

In addition, the operators informed the Ministry, in Russia there are no developments and plans for commercial deployment eSim in the country, according to the statement.

eSim — digital SIM card integrated in the smartphone, tablet or clock. To connect to the network, the user must scan the QR code. Last year, Apple introduced a new model of the iPhone XS, which supports two SIM-cards — built-in and conventional.

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