At the end of August 2018, the passengers of one of flights of Hawaiian Airlines, EN route from Oakland (CA) to Hawaii, I was not a relaxed flight. More specifically, it could not take place: as the aircraft taxied to the runway, 15 people got on their phones horrifying photo. On it was depicted a dark-skinned child lying face down surrounded by yellow markers that are usually used by the police during investigations. The seemed so realistic that the captain of the aircraft, learning about the incident, decided to return to the boarding area; after a few minutes the plane arrived at the police. As it turned out, the pictures of the “dead baby” came from a 15-year-old girl aboard with her mother. The picture is not a real person, a mannequin used in the school biology class. The girl was trying to get a photo of mom with Air Drop, allowing owners of Apple technology to share files from a distance, but accidentally chose the option “send all”. The culprit was removed from the flight, but released after questioning, and the plane after 90 minutes they took off into the sky. Such cases. But compared to other causes of the return of the aircraft to the airport, this situation does not seem so absurd.

Flying with maggots

In 2010, passengers on US Airways are preparing to fly from Atlanta, waited an unpleasant surprise: with bins on their heads showered with maggots. It happened during taxi, so large larvae crawling on the fastened (count — immobilized) people. According to eyewitnesses, there were several thousand. After the cabin started to panic, the crew decided to postpone the departure. Brought the plane in order, and he departed. Guilty of invasion of maggots was the passenger, taken aboard a container of rancid meat. Why? Good question.

But the passengers of one of flights departing from Guangzhou, China, had all the chances to fly in company with a hundred cockroaches. Insects on Board tried to get an elderly couple in your hand Luggage. Unusual contents found at the customs during the scan. As explained by the owner of the bag, his wife puts insects into the cream problem skin. This time will have to cope without them — cockroaches confiscated.

But sometimes they appear on the aircraft and without assistance: during a domestic flight American airline AirTran Airways passengers over the materialized insects, crawled out of air vents and overhead bins. All attempts to draw the attention of the crew on a cockroach invasion is not successful. The case ended in court.

Gently, the bees!

With the bees now and then happen some trouble, but still stubbornly continue to take them on a flight. In 2011, two swarm buzzing insects flew through the cabin of the business class during the flight from Blagoveshchensk to Moscow operated by the airline “Yakutia”. Give credit to the crew: flight attendants managed to catch intruders and lock him in the closet, for good measure, taped it with duct tape. The joy of the flight continued without incident. The consequence managed to establish that the illegal box with the insects carried on Board personally by the head of the airport of Blagoveshchensk. The employee, who asked him to provide a service in the offense confessed.

In 2016, striped insects again took up the matter, oblepi the nose of the Airbus, who wanted to fly from Moscow Domodedovo to Kazan. Flight was delayed almost an hour, after which it was decided to replace the aircraft. In the spring of 2018, the bees scared the passengers, EN route from Moscow to Simferopol: due to the depressurization of the container in the Luggage Department insects could get into the cabin. Passengers immediately evacuated and sent to the Crimea on another Board.

But don’t think the scandals involving bees happen not only in Russia. In September 2018 in South Africa was cancelled three flights due to a buzzing swarm settled in the engine of one of the winged cars. Airport authority had to call the professionals who solved the problem within 30 minutes. The carrier Mango Airlines plane which was the whole story, joked on Twitter that bees “managed to do a little bit of honey”.

Three wishes for Cho Hyun
In 2014, the daughter of the President of the airline Korean Air scandal on Board the aircraft, the reason for which was … nuts. Cho Hyun demanded that the ship that was heading to the runway, returned back — we all had to disembark the flight attendant, filed her macadamia in the bag, not on a plate. According to eyewitnesses, a girl was screaming on the offending steward and forced him to kneel. As a result, the plane, EN route from new York to Seoul, was late for 11 minutes.

This behavior is not gone Cho hands: she was accused of violating the rules of aviation security and was sentenced to one year in prison. The court of appeal dismissed the rebel after 4 months behind bars. The youngest daughter of the President of Korean Air is not calm demeanour during a business meeting, she threw a representative of the advertising Agency a water bottle. Father nothing is left but to fire both daughters, who previously held the positions of Vice-presidents. Looks like a family business not asked.

Of toilet drama

Toilets — a weak point of many airlines: in 2014, the Virgin Australia flight EN route from “new York to Sydney,” he interrupted after a three-hour flight, when the water system is out of order. In 2015, the airline British Airways from London to Dubai was forced to turn around and return to the airport after the smell coming from the bathroom was unbearable. The crew could not solve the problem, and, for security reasons, it was decided to land.

Congestion is not the only problem restrooms: we should not forget about the human factor. For example, in February of this year, the crew decided to return to airport of Alaska after one of the passengers barricaded themselves in the toilet. And it’s not so bad: the hero Chronicles was completely naked. What did the man in the booth remains a mystery.

Nudist in Alaska can be called harmless — hot couple, EN route from Minneapolis to Los Angeles, where mangled more firewood and …noses. Despite the icon “Buckle up” immediately after takeoff the woman tried to go to the toilet, not responding to the requests of the flight attendants remain in place. Soon began the scandal and to open the way to the lavatory the passenger decided to help her companion. The confrontation quickly escalated into a brawl — serving bruising got the crew and got under the hot hand of passengers. Calls the captain to stop the mess did not stop — in the end the ship returned to the airport. This show is not over: when in Minneapolis on Board went up the police, rowdy tried to fight them. Failed.

Rat race

2 January 2018 in Auckland (and again!) suffered another embarrassment: with 110 passengers on Board Alaska Airlines, EN route to Portland, the gangway raised a rat. The team managed to catch the furry stowaway, but because the flight had to be cancelled — passengers were offered tickets for another time. Winged car gave service for pest control and aviation professionals — they had to figure out not carried nimble animal any damage. The fate of the rodent unknown to us.

Rats are frequent guests of the Board: in 2015, the Air India flight “Mumbai — London” returned to the airport after passengers noticed the cabin in the rat. A rodent could not be found (was he?), but the vermin just in case spent. In 2016, the flight from Bamako to Paris was performed by Air France, was detained for two days because of the mouse appeared in the cockpit. The fate of the rodent was not specified, but the crew spent a lot of time looking for him, then he needed to check the serviceability of the aircraft — rodents easily damage the wires, and this leads to accidents.

Dislike and economy extra passenger

In 2016, the airline Air India “the Delhi — Shanghai” was detained for 2 hours through the fault of its employee — engineer, refusing to sit in economy class. Carrying out the duty man, who is not named, demanding a seat in business class, despite the fact that it was filled. According to the rules, to the privileges of the engineer could only in case of availability, but it is not confused. As if the engineer tried, it didn’t work out (most likely, and flew from the leadership).

A year later, not least the exquisite embarrassment happened to the airliner, EN route from Los Angeles to Tokyo: 8 hours after the start of the flight decided to return the plane to the airport. As it turned out, all this time onboard there were people who flight. Where was supposed to fly the hero of the occasion has not been disclosed, as well as why not fly to Tokyo and from there send it to the destination. Upon returning to the City of angels all the passengers were waiting for the interrogation, but the flight was postponed to the next day. It seems the man who can’t read the numbers of flights would have cost to remain silent about the error to Tokyo.

In General situation, when one person affects all passengers, are not uncommon. In 2016, the “flight Vnukovo — Vladivostok” was delayed for 6 hours: just before takeoff one of the passengers refused to fly and demanded to release it, citing a bad mood after the divorce. In such cases, safety requires a re-examination of Luggage and the entire aircraft, because behind upset a lady in Vnukovo proceeded another 500 people. As a result, many passengers were late for the train, one man needed medical help. By the way, people who have suffered material losses due to overlap, like this one, have the right to request a refund. Payment of bills will be borne by the same lady then she will be even sadder.

The yogic power

In 2016, the flight from Honolulu to Japan was forced to return to the airport after one of the passengers refused to take their place. When United Airlines ‘ employees started to carry the food, Drink Hengtai from South Korea settled in the end of the cabin, doing exercise and meditating. To help the stewards who were trying to negotiate with the yogi in the good, his wife came, but the man did not appreciate the concern: he began to shout, threaten and violently pushed his wife. The cause came flying on the same flight Marines: while they were seated Mr. Pei, he was biting and fighting. The crew decided not to continue the flight and at the airport the brawler was met by the FBI.

Illegal spray

In September 2018 on Board the aircraft Hawaiian Airlines, EN route to the Hawaiian Islands, blew up pepper spray, which someone from passengers has managed illegally to carry with you. Started a real panic, people couldn’t breathe and was coughing non-stop. The flight attendants asked everyone to move to the end of the aircraft, where within half an hour the 256 passengers had to wait until the poisonous substances will be eliminated. Someone put forward the version that in first class there was a terrorist attack and the air is filled with an unidentified poison. All ended not so bad: the pilot requested an emergency landing, and the arrived physicians provide the necessary assistance — in total injured 15 people, including 3 crew members.

Snake flights

If you think that the film “snake flight” is a work of fiction, I hasten to disappoint you: reptiles are often disrupted flights. So, in 2016, passengers of Aeromexico flight scared the snake suddenly crawled out from the Luggage rack. After the plane landed, it took the specialists. In 2017, another snake had snuck into the cargo hold of the aircraft to Emirates airlines and the flight had to be cancelled.

One day one of the American passengers forgotten pet snake on the domestic flight. That the airliner may be creeping passengers, the crew learned thanks to an anonymous call from the unlucky host. The animal was not poisonous: it is peacefully sleeping, curled in a large backpack. The reptile was placed in a package and stacked on the Luggage rack — much trouble she never delivered.

But the Egyptian Cobra flights from Cairo to Kuwait had less successful: Jordanian illegal carried her on Board the aircraft. During the flight, the reptile slipped away and crawled between the rows. The owner tried to catch the fugitive, but was bitten and picked up in the cabin even more panic. The result of the mad fear of the people was trampled by the animal. The conclusion: think twice before you take someone without documents and carrying.

Failed Striptease

All rowdy rowdy in different ways: one begins to urinate in the aisle, as did the actor Gerard Depardieu, and someone tries to arrange an erotic dance. “Why not?” — obviously thought the Russian woman, followed the liner from the Moscow Domodedovo to London (maybe it was waiting for her Prince?). The signal that one of the passengers interferes with the normal flight, arrived 15 minutes after it starts. The crew decided to return and drop off a failed dancer. As assured the crew, climbing the ladder, the lady was so drunk, apparently, ready for adventure, the young lady seized “fufyrik” in the road and “catch” on the spot.

But man, flying from Belfast to Ibiza, under the influence of alcohol brought on Board companion is a blow-up doll from a sex shop. Despite the presence of children in the cabin, the passenger did not hide their passion, openly showing all of excessive anatomical detail. The request of the crew to calm down and take a girlfriend to the Luggage rowdy perceived hostility. The plane urgently landed in Toulouse — Ibiza on this day a lover of rubber products and have not seen.

You have an iguana ran away

On Board the aircraft are carrying not only snakes, but other reptiles. In 2016, one of the passengers, EN route from Cuba to Toronto, hidden in the Luggage of four iguanas. And that’s not all: when the customs control spotted lizards, there were only two. What happened to the other couple of animals that did not know the owner himself. But just in case the liner is subjected to treatment by smoke, so that reptiles could not hurt (unless, of course, they were on Board, what no one is sure).

A similar case occurred in Pulkovo — there is a border service found in the hand Luggage of a passenger who arrived from Dusseldorf, 180 reptiles (snakes, turtles, lizards and frogs). How all this stuff managed to get out of Germany and why is it needed in Russia, the unlucky smuggler could not explain. Due to the lack of necessary documents, it was decided to pass on crawling reptiles back to Germany. So snake and looked in Saint Petersburg.

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