The most interesting gadgets on Kickstarter this Nezalezhnosti another week. So, on Kickstarter there are dozens of new projects that maybe tomorrow will change not only gadgets, but also our lives.

See what smart has prepared people for the best crowdfunding sites.

1. Qdee. Kit for building and programming robots

Sets, such Qdee, sales very much. Therefore, the developers have combined the best ideas and Packed them into one bottle.

The designer consists of several basic elements to create a simple Autonomous moving machines with machine vision and a full set of sensors. Want more? It is LEGO-compatible, completes!

Programming in a graphics editor using Microsoft MakeCode directly via Bluetooth with PC, Mac, iOS or Android gadget. In addition, the robot can receive data from the IoT devices

Available for $ 49

2. Lauco. Quality lens for smartphone

We talked about a similar set of Olloclip. Lauco modified ideas comfortable Seating bracket, and simplified the scope of supply.

Included 2 brackets (each holds 2 lenses at once) and 4 lens: wide angle, fisheye, macro and “telephoto”. The size hint is not Chinese crafts, but a complex optical system.

Like really, while we can only guess. But the developer is promising low aberrations, support for the 4K shooting.

Inside are all honest: glass, necessary cover and adapters. As in “DSLRs”, but very petite.

Available for $ 37

3. PWR27. Travel external battery

It seems that powerbanks enough? The developers PWR27 came up with something that will not give any geek.

A huge “Bank” of 27,000 mAh with protection against dust and moisture (IP67), falls (300 metres) and shock (up to 2 tons load). Besides charging from the sun.

On Board 2 USB charging at 2.4 A, 2 USB-C to 3A and a conventional socket — 120/240 V. However, the size of the device closer to a smaller iPad, but should pay for everything.

Available for $ 150

4. Travel Robot. Robotic UV lamp

The developers of the Robot Travel very fastidious and very careful. So they released something like a small robot vacuum that is cleaning irradiates the space around the UV rays.

On both sides, by the way! It is supposed to run it under the blanket on the bed in the hotel. The wattage is sufficient for deep cleaning.

Travel Robot programmed independently to finish cleaning one of the inherent algorithms, so the use is very simple: turn on, put it under the blanket, lay down in a clean bed.

But if it’s superfluous — the device can work manual germicidal lamp to sanitize anything.

Order over $ 100

5. R‑shield. A scarf with the function of a gas mask

Developers R‑shield seems to have done the unthinkable: turned an ordinary scarf (or rather, neck) to mask against smog, dust and other rubbish in the air.

According to them, the mask can cope with the spores of plants, pollen, dust, motor gas (up to particles PM2.5-PM1.0) and can even resist viral infection.

Sounds pretty doubtful, but the combination of materials can easily cope with this task. The price tag plausible, although the usual summer cowl is a little expensive.

Available for $ 29

6. Camera Harness. Relief for photographers

Immediately warn you: guys if you buy this thing, wear it over clothes! Even so, it is very similar to the fastening pistol holster — and, in fact, performs the same role, only for the camera.

Apparently, the developers of Camera Harness borrowed the idea, freeing the hands and the back of the photographer, distributing the weight on the back, shoulders and hips of the wearer.

Owner can carry a couple heavy mirror devices: always on hand and no need to reach into the backpack.

Besides, it’s a cool accessory: the product is completely made of quality leather, and looks simply stunning!

Available for $ 120

7. Dride Zero. Hidden DVR

In case of an emergency Registrar shall be protected and hidden from prying eyes. And then open can, and carry. Or after the accident to remove.

Owner Dride Zero all is not terrible: this car DVR not only records everything that happens perfectly, but well masked.

And most importantly — the image to be sent to the cloud and through the social networks with one button.

The rear camera is also included in the kit. The task is to acquire, deliver, and don’t forget about careful driving: reckless drivers, the Registrar does not save.

Available for $ 89

8. AirCase. Wireless charging for AirPods

This is the main gadget for music lovers with an iPhone: tiny case is a native port of the case with headphones, and in return equips its wireless charging Qi.

In addition, the cover protects the case from scratches — it is rubberized and durable enough.

To order for $ 15

9. Motion Solution. Tow in the trunk

For some unknown reason to me, this project went on Kickstarter at all. And it would be a good tool for car-care centers and those who travel long distances.

The principle of operation of Motion Solution: throw a device on the wheel hub, turn on his motor and the car goes. Slow, not very confident, but reserve enough to the nearest place of repair, refueling and other services.

The main drawback may negate the benefit of gadget it is very bulky. And the available online materials will allow you to do a similar Assembly on site, no waiting and delivery.

But a complete battery can be used for anything else. In some of the eyelids useful project going!

Available for $ 750

10. EIRTOUCH. Universal charger for portable gadgets Apple

Developers EIRTOUCH tired of wearing a few wires and wait to recharge. So they offered to do everything at once.

The device can be charged AirPods, the Apple Watch and iPhone at the same time (!). The device fits in any pocket and weighs very little.

Maybe they should make it more massive, to have enough for a couple full charges? On the other hand, the battery capacity is exactly enough for the day.

Available for $ 49

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