In 2018, has produced a plethora of new devices, updating all the product lines. However, the most popular Apple device in 2018 was the gadget that was released in December 2016 AirPods wireless headphones. This was stated by the most respected analyst in the world Apple Ming-Chi Kuo in his latest report.

According to Kuo, the AirPods have become incredibly popular worldwide in 2018. And the expert believes that this is only the beginning. Apple will start to pay AirPods much more attention, as headphones are the most important part of the ecosystem of the company.

According to the forecast of the launch in 2019, we should expect an even greater surge of popularity AirPods, including due to the release of the new model. Also, the analyst is confident that other manufacturers will begin to mass create the same fully wireless headset — this will become a trend.

The smartphone market is slowing down in the last two years, forcing manufacturers to seek new interests among consumers, the analyst said. Tech completely wireless headphones can satisfy consumers by offering them a completely new user experience.

Source: MR.


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