Russians prefer Bank deposits.

The Russians, in particular, the clients of Sberbank, called the most popular way of handling money. Took part in the opinion poll, the Russians said that at the end of 2018, it is best to keep money on Deposit at the Bank. This view is shared by 46% of Russians.

The survey showed that almost half of Russians fully trust the banks and I think Bank deposits are the best way to save money. On the other hand, a third of respondents believe that money should not keep in the Bank and it is better to withdraw them. Amazing difference in the views of Russians continues throughout the year, experts say.

Also as a result of the survey it was found that more than half of Russians are not ready to spend money. 64% of survey participants stated that currently it is better to spend as little money as possible, preserving them for the future. And only 24% of Russians believe that it is necessary at once to dispose of all of the available money.

According to 51% of Russians, they are not willing to make big purchases at the end of 2018. 29% of respondents, on the contrary, I think that now is the best time for major purchases.

Source: Prime.


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