A new study conducted by Blancco clearly showed which phone Apple has been the most unreliable. It appeared to be iPhone 6 – the percentage of failures in his case reaches 22 %. However, it should be noted that this figure is still significantly lower than that of Samsung smartphones.

The experts took as benchmarks the following parameters:

  • Problems in the operating system (crashes the app).
  • The problem with the internal components of the device.
  • Stability in atypical conditions.

As can be seen from the graph, the flagship of Apple’s 2014 and 2015 showed not the best results. As noted Blancco, iPhone 6/6s were the most susceptible to the problem. In particular, users encounter problems with the touch layer of the display. In addition, another problematic component of the device was the battery. Smartphone owners could see a sudden shutdown in the cold, and the battery life left much to be desired.

As for Android manufacturers, the situation is somewhat different. Kind of a “leader” in the number of failures was the Samsung is 27.4 %. The device of this brand were the most problematic, experts say Blancсo. The second position is located Xiaomi 14.2 %, and Motorola rounded out the top three with 9.6 per cent.

Among all iOS devices, the most reliable proved to be the current flagship – the iPhone X and iPhone 8. The number of breakdowns in their case did not exceed 3 %.


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