IOS 11, Apple introduced an updated App Store. A year later, I can confidently say that it was one of the best changes in the system.

The app stores were very popular in the period from 2008 to 2013. Around this time, there were all the programs that are on the first screen most iPhone users. Since 2013 the App Store to open was not so interesting. Main page updated every week, and about new applications learned anywhere, but not in the App Store. Best of all, this problem was realized in the Apple, so the company began to operate.

App Store with built — in magazine- it would seem that can be easier. After all, it’s better to talk about apps in the place where they can immediately download. Apple has developed rubrics, guidelines and hired a team of editors who write about apps for the world.

After upgrading the store, I open it every day. First, to read the new articles that are sometimes very interesting. In the App Store, you can find an interview with the developers, interesting life hacks for photos and detailed stories about new apps and games. Secondly, reading notes “app of the day” and “Game day”, I learn about new programs that are worth paying attention to.

Using the updated App Store I found several interesting applications, which are etched on my smartphone. The games are not so good. But it is not the fault of the store, I just rarely play on the phone.

The new App Store, brings benefits not only to users and developers and Apple. All studies prove that getting into the rubric “app of the day” and “Game day” very strong influence on the number of downloads.

According to the study Apptopia, the heading “Game day” and “app of the day” on average increased the number of downloads of games on 792%, and programs — 1747%.

In addition to the main page, the App Store has changed and other sections. Category “Top charts” and “View” was replaced by a clear and logical “Applications” and “Games”. In these sections the editors of the App Store, regularly update content and promote interesting developments. In the App Store approximately 1.8 million applications, so the challenge of finding new and interesting programs is very important.

Until 2018 Apple regularly paid some sites 7% of what users downloaded the application on the special links. From October this year the program affiliated links to the App Store closes. In a statement, Apple said that this is due to the success of the new App Store and Mac App Store, and it’s probably true.

When will the macOS Mojave with the updated app store, which is made on the same principle as for iOS, I will open it almost every day. The reasons are the same as with the App Store.


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