The new iPhone can get “invisible” front camera

The famous “notch” in the screen first appeared in the iPhone in 2017, and has become the hallmark not only of Apple, but many other Android devices. Here you can see the difference of approach in the case of Apple, this “island” due primarily to the need to place all the necessary sensors to operate the advanced system face detection Face ID, when for most Android smartphones, this design element does not carry any useful functions. However, in Cupertino are apparently not very happy with this decision and taking the first steps towards fully frameless future.
According to the publication Economic Daily News, citing its own reliable sources, Apple is developing a special black coating for sensors and front camera lens. This solution will only hide them and make the device’s screen completely black, giving integrity and completeness to the appearance. Importantly, this will not affect the quality of the camera or the modules.

In this case, you should keep in mind that it is not about the technology, allowing to place the camera behind the screen. While that work is being carried on a simplified version. However, if Apple if still possible to integrate the front camera in a smartphone display, it will undoubtedly be a breakthrough and will form the basis for the device with a brand new frameless design. Anyway, now about it to speak while early.

Based on the information source, the first iPhone with a new special coating of the screen should go on sale only in 2020. Supplier will make the company Largan, which, as you know, is a major manufacturer of lenses for cameras, smartphones, tablet computers and digital cameras.

How would you feel if in this coverage, practical necessity, or Apple should focus on is how to release a smartphone without the “notch”? Let me know in the comments or in our Telegram chat.




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