One of the problems with the iPhone, according to observers, is the strange rejection of the USB ports. Instead of their smartphones put a proprietary Lightning, which Apple is apparently not ready to give up. However, according to Japanese blog Mac Otakara, the situation is still slightly improved by the time of release of new models.

To date, the iPad Pro and new MacBook are equipped with USB ports a-C and the tablet supports fast charging. But for iPhone you have to buy a separate charger unit and adaptor Lightning-USB-C. it is Reported that new models of smartphones such adapters are more powerful charging for 18 watts will go in the kit.

It will also allow you to connect your iPhone to MacBook without buying additional accessories. Of course, the cost of $ 50 (a little more than 3000 rubles at the exchange rate) are small in comparison with the price of some iPhone XR. However, this step confirms the course of Apple to lower overhead costs and the prices of their goods.

Of course, it’s not official yet, but the blog Mac Otakara is not just “merged” with accurate data, so it remains to wait for the announcement in September.

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