iPhone XS, Max XS and XR will be able to provide NFC-module, even if the battery is completely discharged. It follows from the materials of the document is devoted to security iOS 12, which was published on the company website simultaneously with the release of OS updates.

Judging by the content of the document, the batteries of the iPhone XS, XS and XR Max will reserve a small amount of energy to ensure the operation of the sensor in the near field. And because NFC is not too demanding, user even doesn’t notice a few seconds of real autonomy.

How to use NFC if the battery is low

“Even if iOS does not load, because the iPhone battery is low, it still has enough power to maintain operations with Express cards, the document says. — When pressing the side button the screen will display the low battery icon and text indicating that the Express-card is available for use”.

What is an Express card

The Express cards are virtual travel documents that are based on NFC and used in many countries around the world. Due to the fact that iPhone contain modules near field, users may not carry the card with you and add it to the phone memory and to pay them.

How to read NFC tag using an iPhone

The ability to use NFC even when your battery is low will be an exclusive feature of the new iPhone. This is due to the fact that only they are equipped with a full sensor NFC, which, inter alia, able to read the label. Other models, such functionality is not available.


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