According to the publication Bloomberg, in early summer, Apple may introduce radically redesigned Mac Pro. According to reports, the new professional Apple computer will be shown in the framework of the conference WWDC 2019. In the sale of novelty will appear only a few months after the official announcement.

At the moment it is unknown how it will look like an updated Mac Pro. However, earlier in the network appeared information about the fact, that cupertinos completely redesigned its professional computer, making it modular. It is expected that this design will provide the ability to quickly replace individual components.

In the past top managers Apple has repeatedly stated that the main drawback of the Mac Pro 2013 was the construction of the hull. Initially, the chosen concept seemed very innovative. However, in the process, it became clear that a similar layout of internal components greatly complicates the upgrade process.

If you believe the recent rumors, the official announcement of the new Mac Pro could be held on 3 June. Network sources say that this day will be the opening of WWDC 2019.


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