Pro new iPad without Home button quite well showed itself in the benchmark GeekBench. Judging by the tests, their performance was almost two times higher than the chips Apple A10X. Shortly after appearing in GeekBench the new iPad Pro in the benchmark were seen and another Apple product – MacBook Air, 2018. However, unlike the tablets, the laptop is not able to show a dramatic increase in performance.

According to reports, the new MacBook Air lies Intel mobile processor from the line of Amber Lake, which is not high performance. And this is true even for the advanced version Air with Intel Core i5-8210Y and 16 GB of RAM.

In GeekBench single-core test, 4 new Apple laptop gets 4 248 points, and in multi-core – 7 828 points. On the one hand, the novelty can not be called weak. In comparison with the predecessor, the new MacBook Air was about 30% faster. But in comparison of the product, for example, with the top version of the 12-inch MacBook the advantage of the first is not so noticeable and is less than 5%.


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