“Infosecurity” announces the launch of a new service ETHIC: External Threats & Human Intelligence Center is a comprehensive monitoring and identifying the digital threats to business.

The traditional model of information security is already not fully meet the trends of the time, as it is largely based on building a “secure perimeter” and keep track of events happening inside it, as well as attempts to penetrate from the outside. At the same time, the threat is not always focused on direct penetration into the perimeter of the organization.

The service ETHIC is designed to detect early stages of potentially dangerous actions and events in the global information space that allows you to react to threats, not allowing for negative consequences.

Usage scenarios of the service varied. He will become a reliable tool in the hands of specialists in informational, economic and security, allowing them to concentrate on itself the flow of information about events occurring outside the company.

ETHIC will help business owners to keep their assets, and divisions of the marketing and PR to respond quickly to changing market situation and track the provocations from rivals.

The service allows not only to reveal information about incidents that require an immediate response, but also serves to give early warning of impending attacks or vectors of compromise of information assets.

A key feature of the ETHIC — the customer chooses the optimum for your company and business specifics amount of service of 10 modules:

“Services” — search ads for illegal services that have a destructive attitude to the Customer. Analysis of the content posted in social networks, messengers, hacker sites and other sources.

“Phishing” — the identification of domain names that can be used to carry out such activities in relation to the customer, and keeping track of all that happens to them changes. Every hour, the scanning of more than 3000 domain extensions for registration of new domain names have similarities with the protected Customer’s brand.

“Leakage” — the search information of the Customer assets (including documents, information about customers, details of corporate accounts database), whether deliberately or accidentally published on the Internet.

“Negative” — smart-search publications negative and compromising character on sites otzoviki, Telegram channels and social networks.

“Brand” — identify misuse of the brand in social networks and messengers. Control fake accounts and illegitimate uses a trade mark or means of identification of the customer. Documentation of facts for use as evidence in legal disputes.

“Management” — the identification of fake profiles of top management and key employees of the customer, aimed at illegal use of means of individualization, attacks using social engineering methods or intercepting potential customers.

“Yur. face” — searching for information on the illegal “sale” of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs, which can be used as a fictitious counterparty, or in the process of implementing other illegal activities.

“Employees” — the identification of key employees of the customer who are in search of work.

“Mobile fraud” detection of phishing in mobile application stores (Google Play Market, Apple App Store, Microsoft Store, Yandex.Store).

“Check” — up-to-date information about the physical or legal person on the basis of the analysis of public data sources.

Monitoring events and informing about detected incidents is based on private cloud solutions. The received data are verified and classified by a team of experienced analysts then become available to users in real-time on the service portal.

In addition to threat monitoring, customers service is also available to eliminate their effects. The company has a “Infosecurity” monitoring centre and incident response information security (Infosecurity CERT) allows you to quickly block phishing sites and fake pages.

“Service now available to customers in full, however, it is better to see once than hear a hundred times, so to demonstrate the capabilities and functionality of the service customers receive access to the module “Phishing”. In addition, the pilot project also includes 12 hours of analyst work by two selected modules that will allow you to live to assess the level of threat to their business”, says startup ETHIC Igor Sergienko, Deputy Director General of the “Infosecurity”.

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