A very unpleasant problem.

October 3, Microsoft released an update for the operating system Windows 10 October 2018 update. In the new version of Windows 10 has introduced many innovations, including the dark theme “Explorer”, but also was a serious mistake on the part of the developers. Updated Windows 10 start delete important user files without warning.

Many users who installed the new version of Windows 10, found that some of their personal files were gone. Files disappeared from the folder “Downloads”, “Documents”, “Images”, “Music” and “Video” is often used to store various important documents and media files.

Microsoft quickly responded to the problem and released a patch that fixes the bug. But what about those who have already upgraded to the new version Windows 10 and not found your important files?

Most of the files can be returned, if you look in the folder “Windows.oldUsers[username]”, which is located in root of the system drive. This folder is hidden by default, so initially you’ll need to show hidden folders. Some users managed to recover all deleted files, but in many cases to discover possible not everything that was deleted accidentally.

Source: Reddit.


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