Brand Google is the most popular on the Internet. The Corporation has achieved this with constant updates and improving the app. But the next patch may surprise fans.

In its official blog Google said that the new version of Chrome will use 13% more RAM than now. Given that this browser is so famous and excessive appetites in relation to the RAM, users won’t be that glad to learn that the situation will soon worsen.

Google has confirmed that these changes will affect all desktop platforms, including macOS and Linux.

It should be noted that the increase in the amount, necessary to ensure the safety of the users. A few months ago, experts discovered a vulnerability Spectre, which can be used to steal or damage data from the computer through the browser. To prevent potential hacking of Google and introduces a new protection mechanism, while increasing the load on the device.

Mobile version of Chrome will be updated later. Android received a patch after Google will be able to optimize memory consumption to smartphones and tablets continued to function normally. the iOS version of the browser threat is not affected.

Spectre is the vulnerability through which an attacker can obtain control over the hacked operating system. To avoid this, many corporations, including Intel and Apple have released software patches that protect the operating system from penetration from any side.


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