The nuances of choosing an electric scooter

In the warm season, many people want to purchase a convenient form of transport in order to quickly get to their destination and not be in a traffic jam for hours. An electric scooter is such an important type of transport. It differs from a regular scooter by the presence of a battery and an electric motor. The electric scooter is compact and easily folds into the trunk. The battery charge is enough to get to the place of study, work and back. A large number of different models of scooters from well-known brands are sold in specialized stores. With such a large assortment, it is very difficult to make the right choice.

Choosing an electric scooter

When choosing a scooter on, it is necessary to consider for whom it will be intended and for what purposes. If the scooter will be used in a full urban cycle and replace vehicles, then you need to choose models with a capacious battery. You don’t have to buy powerful scooters at high speed to ride in the park. A walking scooter should be lightweight and compact. For an elderly person, a model with a stable platform and seat is suitable. If the scooter is purchased for a child, you need to choose a light and simple model.

Main settings:

  • Wheel size;
  • Speed, weight;
  • Battery type;
  • Motor power.

Nuances of choice

The wheels are installed on scooters from three inches and up. Distinguish between cast wheels, perforated and pneumatic. Wheels should be selected depending on which road they will be used on. For off-road driving, pneumatic wheels are perfect. They have good shock absorption and absorb various bumps while riding. For asphalt city roads, cast and perforated wheels are suitable. The motor power can reach 3000 watts. It is recommended to purchase models of scooters with a motor that is installed in the wheel. They are more convenient to use than with a chain drive and are more powerful. For women, you should choose models up to 12 kg., And for children, even lighter ones. It should be borne in mind that in light models, a small battery capacity and movement is possible only over short distances. When buying, you need to pay attention to the scooter’s battery. At the same time, it is better to opt for lithium, because lead-acid batteries are heavy and small in capacity. If you have insufficient driving experience, it is recommended to purchase scooter models with speeds up to 25 km / h to reduce the risk of injury if you lose control.

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