Alexander Demyanchuk / RIA Novosti

The mayor of the village of Amber (Kaliningrad oblast), Alexei Rollicking launched the first in Russia program “unconditional basic income”. This was reported by regional media.

The official compared this income with a “refundable is mandatory and each living wage”. Income is limited to the amount of 1000 rubles per month. Every citizen will be able to obtain the Essentials.

“Initially, it was decided to work out technological processes on small amounts, and number of participants. By random draw from all those wishing to be selected 500 residents participating in the program,” — said Alexey Rollicking.

To participate in the social experiment needs to be over 18, have a residence in Amber and smartphone on the Android platform: app for Apple devices has not yet been finalized. To run the program, the authorities have established a nonprofit Foundation, and found the shop where participants will be able to acquire the necessary goods at the expense of “basic income”. In the future, the number of partners will be expanded, said the mayor. Payments in cash will not be awarded: participants will receive promotional points that can be spent in the respective outlets.

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