Because of this, there are problems with the transition to 5G.

“Union LTE” in which enter MTS, “Megaphone”, “VympelCom” and “T2 RTK holding” officially asked the communications Ministry not to impose a ban on slowing the Russians ‘ access to Internet resources. In a letter to operators to the authorities emphasized that the possibility of introducing necessary restrictions for traffic prioritization and successful implementation of the fifth generation networks 5G.

Official representatives of leading Russian operators explained to the authorities why they in any case you cannot prevent a slowing of access to resources for users. The main reason is the planned introduction of 5G in Russia. The network of the fifth generation is built on flexible parameters control all the Internet traffic. Thanks to this, the Internet providers can prioritize the most important communications, e.g., telemedicine.

In addition, the annual increase in Internet traffic requires operators of large and regular investments. Given the fact that Russia adopted “the law of Spring” obliging operators to store data of Russians in the long term, increase in traffic increases the costs of communications providers an additional way.

In August 2018, the Council for the development of the digital economy under the Council of Federation proposed to introduce in Russia the principle of net neutrality. This means that all Internet providers will be required to provide subscribers with the traffic without any restrictions for speed and utmost priority. Operators actively oppose such an idea.

Source: Statements.


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