Recently posted on the YouTube channel the video Creator Insider reports important news. Good for the creators and rather bad for the casual user. Soon the ability to skip ads will disappear from YouTube.

Before to put your ads that you cannot turn off, could only the chosen participants of the campaign Partners YouTube. Now this option will be available to all channel owners, to allow the display of third party advertising in their commercials. This will help increase the monetization of services and to increase the income from content creation.

While the majority of advertising messages can be skipped after five seconds of viewing. But under the new rules, this interval will be increased to 15 seconds, and in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, India, Malaysia and Singapore — up to 20 seconds.

Advertising in disconnected format will appear automatically, regardless of what settings produced the owner of the YouTube channel. However, content authors can still abandon the innovation, they would have to manually change the defaulted settings.

The new system will increase Google’s revenue from advertising activities. It will also help authors earn more. However, in the comments under the video, many viewers wrote that happy. They believe that this will reduce the number of hits on channels with permanent is because most people don’t intend to watch ads more than five seconds.


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