The Twitter user Brian Campbell alarmed the Internet community, stating that representatives of Apple support unable to connect to the screens of Apple smartphones. The man published a video in which strangers remotely snooped in his phone.

Published below footage shows how the Apple employees remotely help Campbell to understand the settings of your phone daughter. To do this, representatives of technical support had to connect to the phone, after which they began to cursor to show your dad where to click.

Well this is interesting. Apple can remotely interact with the iPhone. (trouble shooting is my daughters phone)

— Bʀʏᴀɴ (@bry_campbell) 9 Dec 2018

Campbell stated that he did not know that employees of Apple support has that power. The man admitted that before to access the phone to his daughter, the staff of the “Yabloko” demanded Campbell documentary evidence that he is the owner of the gadget.

However, many Internet users said that Campbell knowingly alarmed. That support has remote access to iPhones, became known in 2013. Then it was necessary to download a special program, now, apparently, it is not required.

Users of the forum Reddit write that remote access to the iPhone is via AirPlay, which Apple sold in 2010. It can be used in real-time transmit audio and video between iPhones.

However, ordinary users of Apple gadgets can’t show each other their phones at a distance. It is specially made in order to prevent possible break-ins.

Reddit users, who said they were technical support staff Apple said that to gain remote access to a particular phone, they need to contact the owner of the device and to obtain his passport details. Another way to “climb” in someone else’s phone for them.

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