Released last month, 16-inch MacBook Pro received a lot of positive feedback. Most users and journalists like the updated keyboard with a scissor mechanism. However, the cupertinos not managed to get rid of all problems, which had suffered the previous models of MacBook Pro. Owners of “proshek” began to complain of popping sounds from the speakers.

Over the past few days on popular online sites like Reddit and on official forum of Apple technical support began to receive complaints from the owners of the 16-inch MacBook Pro. Users report that during music playback or when watching a video speakers can start to make crackling or popping.

It is still unknown what exactly is causing the problem. Some believe that its causes are related to hardware, whereas others believe that the problem occurs due to software bugs. If the latter is true version, the cupertinos will be able to quickly remedy the situation.

It is noteworthy that the problem with speakers in a 16-Dulwich MacBook Pro is not uncommon. One user noted that she exposed even samples in the Apple Store. After testing in the Apple store four models the problem with speakers found in three of them.


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