The popularity of Apple Music for Android is growing
Although the total number of subscribers to Apple Music still was unable to get ahead in the world of Spotify, the streaming service Apple continues to show impressive growth. Last we heard, Apple Music boasts more than 56 million paid subscribers, and is an impressive figure, considering that at the moment the service is not yet four years old.

Also impressive is the fact that a large number of Android users expressed interest in testing Apple Music. According to the latest data from Sensor Tower, the number of installations of Apple Music from the Google Play store in the first quarter of 2019 reached a record 3.8 million.

The chart below shows how many times a quarter of Apple Music for Android is set quarterly. As you can see, the installation rate started to rise in early 2018, and since then has only increased.

Overall, more than 40 million Android users have installed Apple Music over the past few years. An impressive figure, certainly, it is worth emphasizing that the figure of 40 million does not apply to subscriptions. Of course, many users — both Android and iOS will install Apple Music, without actually becoming a paid subscriber. However, it goes without saying that the total number of paid subscriptions increases with the number of installations.

Although the idea of Apple to release the app for Android is still a bit odd, it simply corresponds to the exchange rate at today’s market, where priority is universal access to services. As the last item of interest, Spotify last month showed that its streaming service boasts 96 million paid subscribers.

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