Doctor of psychological Sciences and associate Professor at the University of Minnesota Eric Sprankle in his Twitter shared the suspicion that in the history of the Immaculate conception is not all pure. He wondered whether Mary agreed to the proposal of God the Father?

Especially because, according to the Bible, Mary in that moment was 14 years old, and about any age of consent is out of the question. In the US, it comes at the age of 16.

His subscribers the breadth and originality of thought is not appreciated. They, to begin with encouraged him to read the gospel of Luke, where Mary clearly says: “Behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it unto Me according to thy word” (LK. 1:36).

“Not that God needed to justify man, but I suggest actually reading the Onion,” wrote a user under the nickname Coach.

“And what if so, what would you do? Tell him protest?” asked KingMe. The user Mohsen reminded Sprankle that he calls himself an atheist, and, at the same time, discusses the responsibility for the crime of the divine essence.

“Your post implies that you believe in the existence of God, otherwise it wouldn’t make you such value. You idiot!” — he wrote.

“Gods generally do much without our consent because they are gods. In the end, they kill us all!” noted fatalist Hearth Moon Rising.

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One of the subscribers immediately realized which way the wind blows, and tied to the timely insight of a psychologist with the now popular subject of harrasment. However, he noted that such crazy fans hype her and bury her.

“This is the end @MeToo movement,” wrote StormCrow.

It seems that this user right in his suspicions. In any case, even the most superficial study of Twitter Sprankle shows that he never misses an opportunity to shock the society, and even trolling it thoroughly.

For example, he posted pictures of Satan with Santa Claus, and praised the Lucifer. Or posted in a prominent neighbors place a picture with an ambiguous ancient story.

“At first I was worried that the neighbors are judging me for untidy in the yard. But then I remembered that in the living room visible from the street the place got a picture of Saturn devouring son. And calmed down,” smug he wrote.

Discussion on the topic of God’s harrasment of social networks has spilled on TV. Fox News channel has been devoted to this acute problem in the whole show. The presenter of the program “Tonight” Tucker Carlson invited her to discuss writer and cultural analyst Mark Stein.

He, of course, advised Sprankle to see the revelations of Luke and lamented that 50 years ago such nonsense could be heard “from a drunken ignoramus at three o’clock in the deep province”. But in our time with such nonsense speaks associate Professor of the University.

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Defending is usually pretty conservative Tucker Carlson did not hide that angry. He noted that religious critics for some reason, never touch those in power and politicians.

“They are cowards. They never criticize the richest man in the world Jeff Bezos or Tim cook. Or Apple. First they kowtow to the power, and then attack the believers with accusations and call themselves the counterculture. A pitiful sight,” — said the presenter.

However, there were Eric Sprankle and supporters. Feminist Sarah woods has published an article dedicated to the virgin Mary and the illusory nature of her choice.

Sprinkle critics argued that about any violence towards Maria may not be out of the question, as she gave unequivocal consent. Woods disagrees, and believes that she could not agree out of fear of God. Moreover, that 14-year-old girl didn’t know what would be the consequences of her refusal.

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“Consent to insemination implies an equal relationship, which cannot be suspected between the teenager and the Almighty God. Besides, there were a huge difference in age,” said the feminist.

Believers strongly affirm that Mary was special and capable of giving their informed consent. According to woods, it’s a lie.

“The child is unable to freely give consent to a pregnancy from an authority figure. The subordination of the “servant of God” is not consent, and not free will. Christians worshiped the Immaculate virgin, refusing to acknowledge the fact that she was the victim of a reproductive operation,” said the feminist.

Began for health, finished Sarah woods for the peace. It turns out that branded it is not all believers, but only Christians-followers of Donald trump who dream of establishing in the United States violent biblical laws, with all their infanticide and genocide. In her opinion, so they want to create a smokescreen to fight the Sharia.

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Similar conclusion made from the sad stories of poor girls of the Bible, suggests that an ardent feminist, too, decided to warm their hands on the fashionable topic of harrasment, at the same time legnum political opponents.

In my opinion the hype is not caused. Citizens idly wondered, does the US there are no other problems? By the way, they immediately suspected a psychologist from Minnesota to trolling. Some people have tried to look at the biblical event from the point of view of modern laws, and even pointed out the relevant article. But no public turmoil, the reactions of the Church authorities, and televised debates statement by American atheists, of course, is not provoked.

In the end, an alternative vision of the Hebrew history of Alexander Pushkin presented in the NINETEENTH century. Since then, Russia’s bold hypotheses not to surprise, about the Immaculate conception is all we know.

The king of heaven love she wanted

His words were pleasant to her,

And before him she was in awe, —

But Gabriel seemed to her a mile…

So sometimes the wife of General

Tight tempted by the adjutant.

What can we do? fate so ordered —

I agree that the ignorant and pedantic.

“Gavriiliada”, Alexander Pushkin.

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