Moscow, 18 Dec — “News. Economy,” the report’s Authors fear that bias can enter in a coding system, which the new development will not reflect the positions and needs of all people.

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Artificial intelligence permeates all spheres of the technological universe: from transport to healthcare and retail. But will it reflect the positions and needs of most people? Experts from the world economic forum fears that problems in the field of AI too similar to what happens in normal corporate world.

In the WEF report, published on December 17, stated that in the personnel policy in the sector AI in the U.S. there is a serious gap: women occupy less than a quarter of jobs.

“It is imperative that the people who create AI represent the population as a whole,” stresses Kay Firth-Butterfield, head of the WEF on artificial intelligence and machine learning. The expert notes that bias can affect the processes of coding, so the lack of gender equality means that “we actually don’t reflect the population, and we have a huge problem.”

The analysis of the WEF showed that the gender gap in the industry, AI is three times more than in other sectors, women working in artificial intelligence, are less likely to occupy high leadership positions. The analysts emphasize that these inconsistencies will have real consequences.

In 2016, Microsoft launched a Twitter experiment with the dialog learning chat bot called “Tay”. The experiment was quickly faced with several challenges as Twitter users started to write a bot with sexist and racist comments, and “Tay” began to repeat these statements.

Unsuccessful and experiment Google is running the intelligent text feature in Gmail. “Smart Compose”, was to complete whole sentences and even paragraphs in emails of users of its popular email service. It was founded on the “intelligent response”. Users even wrote that they are afraid of “prediction” is Gmail, and that AI is “reading their mind”. However, the algorithm did not cope with the usual pronouns, not understanding, what comes to the word “nurse”.

Firth-Butterfield also pointed to the fact that the most popular virtual assistants from Apple, Amazon and Google, designed to serve and take orders, have a female voice.

Programmers “I repeat the fact that people who take the calls in the call centers, as a rule, women, but we could create another world with AI, if we had more different teams,” — said the expert of the WEF.

Not all of the benefits of diversity are immediately obvious, but the report says that the ratio change will require active measures.

“When you attract more people to the process, you get more creative results,” said Tess Posner, Director General AI4All, a nonprofit organization working to increase diversity in many areas, including artificial intelligence.

Firth-Butterfield and Posner argue that companies with a greater degree of diversification of the collective work better.

“We see that diversity enhances innovation and the technology,” said Posner. If people of different backgrounds to build AI systems, “it will better reflect society,” says the expert.

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