This year, Apple will not revise prices on new iPhone models, retaining their old boundaries, writes the German edition of the boy’s body, citing sources in the retail sector. Despite this, given the upgrade of the line of no change in the pricing policy should have a positive impact on the popularity of the models among consumers.

As noted by the interlocutors Opposition, the new iPhone will be the successors to existing models, exactly-in-exactly matching them for the price. For example, a low XC will replace the iPhone iPhone 8, to replace the iPhone 8 Plus comes iPhone XS, and iPhone X will yield the position of most expensive smartphone in the lineup of Apple 6.5-inch iPhone with XS prefix lookup Max in the title.

iPhone 2018 — prices

  • 6.1-inch iPhone XC — 799 Euro;
  • 5.8-inch iPhone XS — 909 Euro;
  • The 6.5-inch iPhone Max XS — 1149 euros.

If Ambulance data is correct, then rely on the appearance in the model range conventionally available Apple iPhone X we would not. At least the price is 800 euros there easily and simply converted at least 57 thousand rubles here. However, it is still better than 80 thousand, which Apple is asking for the “top ten” current generation.


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