“Kommersant”. Players not allowed to play victims Completed a case of embezzlement in “Zamoskvoretsky”. link

“Kommersant”. The gorilla goes to the TSUM is a Japanese clothing brand a bathing APE will open the site in Moscow. link

“Izvestia”. Sleight of letters and no fraud: how it works “Roskontrol” Independent ratings of cakes and champagne was confused by the Russians before the New year. But for their compilers there are serious questions. link

“The Russian newspaper”. Diagnosis I. Krasnopolskaya Best journalists of the year awards ceremony was held in Moscow. link

“The Russian newspaper”. ACE Driver will lose the rights for a flight with a tow truck. link

“The Russian newspaper”. Broader and freer In Moscow, promised to eliminate 50 “bottlenecks.” link

“The Russian newspaper”. House propane Revision of the gas equipment in the capital, held once a year in each apartment. But after the explosions in Mines and Magnitogorsk Moscow authorities decided to re-evaluate the condition and. link

“Moskovsky Komsomolets”. “Let the war began,” we found out a recovery scenario Muscovites With Pets in shelters are not allowed. link

“Moskovsky Komsomolets”. In the year of its centenary, the “Moskovsky Komsomolets” received the award of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin: “We had something to say, and you have something to write.” link

“Moskovsky Komsomolets”. During the repair in theatre I. Raihelgauz found a human skeleton After a five year hiatus there will welcome guests with salad. link

“Novye Izvestia”. In Moscow, declared a mass check of the gas equipment the Moscow Authorities have organized monitoring “in connection with serious incidents in the housing stock from different regions of Russia”. link

“Komsomolskaya Pravda”. V. Lanovoy In his 85 birthday will be working in the theater, 16 Jan born one of the greatest Russian actors Vasily Lanovoi. link

“Komsomolskaya Pravda”. “Eating pizza and chips”: the Moscow doctors have cured from anorexia 15-year-old twins-models Just over a month the girls have gained 12 kg. link

“Komsomolskaya Pravda”. In the West of Moscow taxi driver fired from a traumatic gun its passengers the Victims say that the driver did not like the offered price for the trip. link

“Moskovskaya Pravda”. 11 commissions created for inspection of gas facilities of Moscow In all districts of Moscow established the Commission, which will monitor the progress of additional unscheduled examination of gas equipment. link

“Moskovskaya Pravda”. For MCK will install turnstiles with terminals for contactless payment. Passengers can pay fares with Bank cards, which supports PayPass and PayWave, and also with the help of smartphones feature Android Pay, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay. link

“Evening Moscow”. Moscow students received a private Technopark In Western Degunino on the basis of school No. 2098 opened IT-a training ground for students. link

“Evening Moscow”. Sergei Sobyanin: the Result is a comfortable life of citizens 16 January 2019, the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin took part in the X Gaidar forum. link

“The parliamentary newspaper”. In the Duma propose to establish a maximum speed limit for the Segways Safe use of such vehicles as blisks, Segways, gyrometer and electric scooters, it is impossible without their inclusion in a normative database. link

“Radio 1”. Environmentalists took control of the condition of the river in the Sergiyev‑Posad district of the State of the river Cunha took control of the Ministry of the environment of the Moscow region, earlier water leaked reagents company “Skoropuskovskiy Sintez”. link

News.ru. In the Queen they want to demolish houses in the historic quarter In their place are plans of multi-storey construction. link

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