Apple environmental report for 2019, reported a 4-fold increase in the number of locations for recycling your iPhone. The company is working on the old device of us users own robots Daisy and reuses recycled materials in the new gadgets.

Processing of cobalt

Each robot examines Daisy to 1.2 million iPhones of all models for the year, equivalent to 200 devices per hour. The components used in further re-used. For example, batteries are sent to special factories for the extraction of cobalt, which can be used to manufacture new batteries. Thanks to the closed production cycle can solve the problems with the supply of materials and, most importantly, to reduce the emission of harmful substances.

Processing of cobalt and tin

From 2019, Apple will begin to use recycled aluminium for the hulls of their devices, such as MacBook Air, Mac mini and so on. This will almost 2 times to reduce the emission of carbon to the atmosphere from the entire production cycle of Apple devices.

Today, for the hulls of these devices, recycled aluminium is used at 100%. In addition, Apple uses recycled tin for boards 11 different models of devices.

Plans to expand processing of materials

Apple intends to expand the recycling activities of materials in connection with what was declared the plans on creation of laboratory of restoration materials in Austin, Texas, where it will be applied in robots and machine learning for the modernization of the processes of disassembly, sorting, processing and so on.

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