Monitoring will begin in 2019.

The Russian government creates a system of tracking news events and the reaction of the Russians on the actions of the authorities in social networks. The system will be called “Incident management” and will monitor posts and comments in “Vkontakte”, “Classmates”, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. About it writes RBC with reference to proven sources.

“Incident” will track different keywords in the the Russians used social networks. Data collected the system will redirect the administrator that defines what messages you need to track or respond to them.

As reported by one regional official in the frequently asked questions of Russian social networks will be the responsibility of local authorities. If the “Incident” will register the request, officials will have to answer it within 24 hours. All tracked requests will be sorted by the importance and scale of the problem, allowing authorities will be able to resolve the main priority issues.

According to the source, the authorities decided to start to monitor closely for negative comments in social media after the tragedy at the Mall “Winter cherry” in Kemerovo. Then in social networks actively disseminated knowingly false information, to cope with the flow which the local authorities were unable to.

The development of “Incident” is OOO “Medialogia”. Representatives of the company have confirmed the establishment of the system. The launch of the “Incident” in Russia is scheduled for 2019.

Source: RBC.


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