Our government continues to turn the Russians lagged behind in people’s lives. In the near future, it could prohibit all foreign payment systems, including Apple Pay and AliPay.

The Russian government, as it became known, plans to block the country’s all the payment system is not registered in the Central Bank. In short, it’s 99% payment systems — even Apple Pay is guaranteed to fall under the distribution, unless measures will be taken. The bill has already been considered, and it can take very soon. Of course, all this is done under the pretext of combating terrorism and other nasty things, but we all know what lies behind all this actually. The reason — the desire to control all cash flows of Russians to identify self-employed persons and to tear them taxes.

In short, highly recommend everyone to go to cash, Yes, uncomfortable, but no surveillance, and it is possible to avoid unnecessary attention from people in uniform. And again: if the bill is adopted, affected users all foreign payment systems — G Pay, Samsung Pay, ApplePay, AliPay and PayPal. Welcome to the stone age, ladies and gentlemen! By the way, it is possible that smartphones on Android and iOS, too, will soon be banned, because we have our own platform Sailfish OS! It is, however, generally do not know how, but our native, Russian!

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