The Supreme court (SC) of Russia recommended not to punish the citizens who bought “spy” devices for their own protection or by mistake. It is reported by RIA “Novosti” with reference to the resolution of the Plenum of the court.

Sun is obliged to explain to the courts that in itself, the illegal trafficking of special technical means cannot be the basis for a conviction of a crime provided for by article 1381 of the Criminal code of Russia.

It is emphasized that man should not be prosecuted if he had not intended to participate in the circulation of such devices — for example, he was misled by the advertising and bought a gadget, not knowing about his appointment. Also not be to punish individuals who bought a special device to ensure personal safety.

“The meaning of the law of technical device can be recognized as special technical means only if if they intentionally by way of technical improvement, programming or otherwise imparted new qualities and properties that allow you with them to secretly obtain information,” the resolution reads.

Previously, Apple and Amazon have responded to reports of Chinese spy chips in their technology.

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