Samsung as usual first.

Research company Online Market Intelligence has conducted the annual survey among Russians and find out what brands are considered the favorite in Russia in 2018. According to the survey, the most favorite brand in Russia was the Samsung. Brand of the South Korean company gained 18.3% of the votes and the eighth time in a row proved to be the best version of the Russians. Apple is located on the fourth place with 9.6% of votes.

Experts of the company Online Market Intelligence conducted a survey among the residents of the largest cities of Russia. The survey found that Samsung remained the most attractive brand among Russians. The South Korean company holds the status as the most beloved in Russia since 2011. On the second place of the ranking of the most popular brands Adidas located with the index of 11.1%. After the third position goes to its main competitor — Nike, with a share of 9.6%.

Apple fourth position and the minimum separation from Nike. The Russians are still loyal to the Apple brand, despite the fact that due to the fall of the ruble cost of the equipment of the American company in Russia in 2018 increased. Experts believe that the price increase could not strongly affect the love of Russians to the brand.

The top ten most beloved brands in Russia also includes LG, Coca-Cola, Bosch and Zara. The only Russian brand in the top 10 was O’STIN.


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