IPhone XR in great demand!

On the morning of 19 October, Apple officially opened up the possibility of making pre-orders for iPhone XR. The first delivery of iPhone XR quickly sold out in many countries, including in Russia, where the novelty is in different colors and with different amount of memory ceased to be available for purchase with delivery on October 26.

In the official Russian online Apple store noticed a large demand for iPhone XR. In just a few hours after opening pre-orders for the smartphone, the Russians have bought the black model with 64 GB of memory, a blue model with 128 GB, the coral version with 128 GB of memory, etc. the Most expensive iPhone model XR with 256 GB of internal memory still available to order without any restrictions.

The situation is similar in the online Apple stores in many other countries. This indicates that on the iPhone XR as a more affordable model, there is really great demand. Note, however, that it is not excluded that the first batch of iPhone XR is relatively small and the lack of smart phones associated with this.

19 Oct iPhone XR can be enjoyed not only in the official Apple online store, but also large Russian retailers. Prices for iPhone XR in various stores, we’ve put together this material.


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