But experts doubt that such large payments.

The development Fund of Internet initiatives (FDII) has developed a project that proposes to allow the Russians to earn by selling their personal data to Russian companies. According to representatives of FRII, the Russians will be able to get your personal data up to 60 thousand rubles per year.

FRII has proposed to allow Russia a free market “depersonalize” user data. According to the idea of the Fund, the Russians will be able to offer their business data in different forms and at a certain time for a reward. According to the calculations FRÍA, due to this, Russians will be able to earn extra 15-60 thousand rubles a year. This should be a “powerful motivation” for registration of Russians as self-employed.

Russian experts have questions to the project FRÍA, in particular, to the size of the payments for the personal data of users. According to technical Director DeviceLock Ashot Oganesyan, payments up to 60 thousand rubles look “extremely doubtful”. He stressed that such payments nationwide would have to spend trillions of rubles. Considering that the entire advertising market in Russia is estimated at 450 billion rubles, the Russians can hardly count on the announced FRÍA payments up to 60 thousand rubles for their personal data.

The same opinion and head of the development Department of the SKOLKOVO Foundation Sergey Izraylit. According to him, the Russians may be offered only a few thousand a year, which for most will be a minor amount, subject to the need to register as self-employed.

Source: Kommersant.


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