After the failure of S9 Galaxy sales, Samsung had to rely on the flagship Note 9 to somehow win back the position on the top smartphone market in 2018.

No doubt, the technical characteristics, is one of the best Android smartphones to date, but Samsung and then allowed a drawback – the phone worth of $ 1000 identified a hardware defect. The display shines through the side faces of the housing.

For the first time this issue was discovered by Android Police. They described her as a thin line of glare along the sides of the smartphone.

Former developer of Android Police Paul Fidalgo told that it is five times changed Note 9 before I could find a copy that didn’t have problems. It is also worth noting that many owners Notes 9 and, in particular, Eldar Murtazin, has not faced this problem.

Several people noted that it has become commonplace on Samsung phones since the advent of the curved display, but such shortcomings should not be the norm.

Despite the fact that the defect does not affect the efficiency of the device, consumers are outraged by the negligence of the manufacturer, when assembling the smartphone for 1 000$.


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