Despite the fact that the iPhone Xs, Max Xs and Xr has support for two SIM-cards, this option will not be available to customers in Russia. It follows from Apple’s website. The limitation is due to the absence of developed infrastructure for technology service eSIM.

Because the second SIM card in the new iPhone is built-in to ensure its operation required operator support. But due to the fact that the use of eSIM in Russia is equivalent to the cloning of SIM cards within the country, technology is banned and not served.

Will there be an iPhone with two physical SIM cards?

Yes, and this is due to the fact that the ban on the use of eSIM is not a purely Russian phenomenon. For example, a similar restriction exists in China, and Apple, knowing this, has launched for the Chinese market a separate modification with two physical slots for SIM-cards.

Why is this not done for Russia, you ask? The answer is simple. China is one of the priority markets for Apple, providing the company’s huge profits, which cannot be said about Russia. Therefore, the only way to keep the second room for the Russians remains the purchase of a second phone.


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