Will tell you a story about Apple. I always with great love belonged to this company and its products. From that it was hard to accept the fact that they are not so white and fluffy as it might seem.

In 2014 I bought a Mac Book Pro 13″. It was the third MacBook from Apple and I still have no idea what I can have another computer.

A year and a half I noticed on the laptop screen marks from the keyboard. Attempts to scrub them is not successful and I resigned. In the end, I thought it was my fault — he lies every day in a backpack and it pushes the camera and lenses. Here and damage the screen.

With that in mind, I lived until the end of 2018, when one offer for sale of similar models saw similar defect. In the discussions I saw that it’s a marriage, and Apple needs to change the matrix absolutely for free.

I began to study this question and here’s what I found out … turns out the problem is present on makbukah since 2013, and Apple recognizes this fact and really launched the program for free replacement of matrices.

But there are nuances!

First, the program from hiding. I found references that support staff are not allowed to speak about this program by phone or in electronic form. That is, a chance to get into the program you only when you yourself came into official service to change the matrix for their money, then you’ll be happy that they’ll do it for free.

Second, the program will only include laptops that have been activated less than 4 years ago. At the time, when I learned about the program my laptop has been activated 4 years and 3 months.

Support told me verbatim: “If you applied at least after 4 years and 1 month, we have replaced the matrix for free.”

Moreover, all in the same support I was assured that such a program exists, what it was, but ended in 2017, and then had a long consultation and I switched to different specialists. The result was the conclusion of the service center with whom I all the same support was offered to go to the office in Ireland.

That saddens me in this whole story?

You all probably have encountered and heard about marriage. Of the company, valuing its reputation, withdrawing thousands of cars, find owners of defective devices and inform them about it.

Apple has all possibilities to find the owners of devices falling under this program and to inform them that if they are faced with a problem, you have the right to decide it for free. But they do not, moreover, come up with many reasons to refuse to remedy defects.

Users who gave a large sum for MacBook, have the tips from the Internet themselves to scrub chemistry and cloth anti-glare layer from the screen, because I just don’t know about this program.

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