A resident of Kiev Alexander Smoothly, famous in the Internet for photos with the iPhone four, explained his passion for Apple gadgets. According to 26-year-old Ukrainian, so many phones he needs for work.

“I need four SIM cards. And iPhone are designed for only one,” he explained Smoothly the purchase of four phones of the same brand.

To buy phones on two or three SIM cards, the young man doesn’t want, as a fan of Apple technology. However, their friends and acquaintances don’t share with “Apple” and those who can’t buy expensive gadgets. The new hero of the Internet memes also added that he was photographed by accident — he was just sitting in cafes and going about their business, holding three phones, and the fourth was lying on the table.

Photo of the Ukrainian with four phones appeared in early February. Soon the picture became viral, and the hero was named “man of success” and “son of my mother’s friends”, which you want to set an example. Later it turned out that the young man lives in Kiev and works as an office Manager.

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