About a week ago, experts iFixit have already looked in the keyboard of the new MacBook Pro. But then, they did not greatly deepen the design of new keys. But after a full disassembly MacBook Pro 13-inch experts decided to more thoroughly test the new keyboard unit and check how well it resists debris and dust.

Just recently, in internal documents, Apple was found evidence that using extra silicone pads under the keys, cupertinos tried to protect delicate butterfly mechanism from dust and small particles.

The specialists of iFixit has set out to examine how good the new protection. To do this, they first strewed the keyboard fluorescent powder, and then checked if he went under the keys. It turned out that the membrane do not pass under buttons small particles.

However, the second test further protection did not survive. After fluorescent powder experts poured into the keyboard a certain amount of sand, and then typing for a minute. During this time, grains of sand could seep through the silicone protection, and the keys started sticking.

In the end, completely disassembled the keyboard, staff iFixit have come to the conclusion that the new keyboard is not too practical. It was complicated to repair, and the extra silicone padding is not too well protected from dust and debris. Although some effect of it is.


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