Since the scandal that arose around the company, Huawei and prohibitions on the use of its products in the United States and allied countries of America, many Chinese technology companies impose retaliatory restrictions on the purchase of your employees gadgets the American manufacturer Apple. This time IT-company from Zhejiang to introduce such a ban for their employees. Violators are waiting for fines, forfeiture of bonuses and lack of career advancement, reported the Qianjiang Evening News.

Chinese IT company has deprived the employees of bonuses and promotions due to the use of the iPhone. In order of resistance to US pressure and support from Chinese company Huawei, all employees of technomania from the city of Zhejiang will encourage the use of Huawei devices and punish the purchase of Apple gadgets.

Employees who purchase smartphones Huawei, the company will reimburse 20% (for ordinary employees) to 50% (management personnel) from the equipment cost. In addition, those who decide to replace an existing iPhone to a smartphone of Huawei, the company will reimburse 25% of the cost of the phone.

But those who will not heed the ban, waiting for the sanctions, and quite palpable. In particular, in the source cite the leadership’s intention to deprive employees are not subject to bonus payments. In addition, offenders who use Apple equipment, you will not be able to count on a rise within the company.

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