The U.S. state Department warned American citizens on hazards when visiting China. According to estimates of the foreign Ministry, the Chinese authorities can prevent the departure of the Americans from the territory of China, reports Reuters.

Of the warnings the state Department posted on its official website. The document says that the ban on leaving China may be valid for several years. Beijing, as noted by American diplomats may not leave the country US citizens to achieve their own goals. Held the Americans may be permitted to communicate with representatives of the diplomatic missions of the USA. In addition, the Chinese authorities do not recognize dual citizenship.

Meanwhile, the head of Apple Tim cook is not afraid to go to China even after he was arrested in Canada at the request of the U.S. financial CEO of Huawei Meng Wanzhou. “I was just there in October. Going again to go later this quarter,” he said yesterday in an interview with CNBC.

In early December last year in Vancouver at the request of the American authorities was arrested the financial Director of the Chinese company Huawei Meng Wanzhou. Later, the court released the woman on bail of seven million dollars. After the incident, the Chinese authorities have detained on its territory a few canadian citizens.

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