The activities of Apple and Samsung working in Russia, can be checked. This was stated in the state Duma. State Duma Deputy Alexander Starovoitov has already prepared a request to the Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS).

The MP believes that the company can use the software for performance of their smartphones. Thus they force people to buy a new one. The Deputy also reminded that the Antimonopoly service of Italy has fined Apple and Samsung in 15 million euros for the artificial reduction in the performance of smartphones.

In his statement, Starovoitov suggested to check the activities of companies for violations of a similar nature, writes the parliamentary newspaper.

Earlier it was reported that the FAS intends to prohibit software manufacturers to install on neudalimye applications on the gadgets. One of the points of the plan is to develop a Federal law which provide the possibility of udaljenosti preset computer programs.


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