As well as other limitations of the Internet.

The head of the Duma Committee on family, women and children Tamara Pletnev suggested deputies to discuss the blocking of Dating sites in Russia. According to her, she’s worried about the current generation, as Dating sites can be scams. Pletnev also proposed to impose other restrictions on the Internet.

Pletneva thinks that Dating sites are dangerous for Russians. In such resources it is impossible to be completely sure that you communicate with a real person, not “some crook or sick.”

“They (the person with whom you communicate on a Dating site — approx. edition) can be anyone: any gambler, any patient. I generally do not accept, do not accept absolutely!”, — said Pletnev.

Pletnev remembered the days of his youth, when people meet each other without the help of the Internet. Did not exist the danger of being deceived in the introduction, since the person is not hiding behind their virtual profile.

In addition, Pletnev suggested deputies to restrict the Internet and start to block sites “gossip, lies and all that was worthless.”

Source: BBC.


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