Earlier the test was conducted by the Italian antitrust service and after the detection of the respective above ordered Apple and Samsung to pay a fine in размере15 million euros.

The subject for debate is the update that slows down your device. At the end of 2017, the company Apple was justified by the fact that the function of reducing performance of the processor on the iPhone 6, 6s, iPhone, SE, and others, is designed to extend the life of the iPhone. Over time, the ability of batteries to hold a charge and provide work in the cold is reduced. Reducing CPU frequency does not allow the device to spontaneously disconnect.

It would seem logical, however, after the Italian experience, a lot of people doubted the veracity of the claims of the company. In new versions of iOS, you can disable the slowing down of phones with a worn out battery, but to notice it not at once.

Initially, it seems that the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s just started to slow down. This seems particularly natural if the gadget is used for a couple of years. Guess to link it to upgrade for the layman difficult. Much easier to explain it trivial wear model. It is not surprising that faced with the problem of can’t think of anything better than to simply replace the supposedly outdated model to a new.

The Italian antitrust prosecution service was just down to the fact that both companies didn’t care enough to provide customers with timely information about the negative impact of software updates or about any possibilities of restoring the original functionality of the products.

Apple and Samsung asked to comment on the concerns of deputies of the state Duma “the Russian newspaper” have not responded. According to Denis Frolov, head of the commercial legal practice of BMS Law Firm, in case, if violations are proven in Russia, the company is also expecting significant fines.

IPhone 6 at some point, to start slowly to work. Layman is difficult to associate it with the update and change settings. So sell new models

Last year after the company Apple in the USA, a wave of lawsuits. It turned out that many customers were very dissatisfied with the quality of its products that have long passed into the segment of premium-class. The phenomenon is not bypassed, and Russia, where several iPhone users have noticed a slowdown in work, decided to file lawsuits against Apple in court, but was refused because of incorrect documents. However, after some time managed to file a lawsuit.

According to the lawyer of the Collegium of advocates “, Cartago and partners” Timur Bayazitov, to sue the very company Apple, if the smartphone user there is such a basis in Russia is quite difficult because it is not registered here. Supplies products subsidiary, limited liability company “eppl Rus”, which will be responsible for the smartphones of the brand, if in the hands of the user of the defective copy. However, offended customers, and then face difficulty in the way of justice. To a native service center may not establish any violations and return the smartphone back. In this case, lawyers are advised to conduct an independent examination. It costs an average of 3-5 thousand rubles. Its value then still reimburse, if a person is right.

Let us add that even the new smartphones do not guarantee satisfaction. Lawyer Timur Bayazitov shared an example that his friend recently bought a smartphone (worth about 70 thousand rubles) and four months later had to take it to a service center. The gadget did not catch the connection and had many other defects.

If the smartphone is bad, to get an answer from the manufacturer anyway really. Many cases of incorrect operation of the smartphones that has been successful for buyers. The company reimbursed the cost of the smartphone, liquidated damages, legal fees, moral damages and a fine.

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