Moscow, April 24 — “News. Economy”In the U.S., 18-year-old student Ousmane BA filed a lawsuit against Apple for $1 billion because of an error in the system of facial recognition in retail stores, which mistook him for a wanted criminal, according to Bloomberg.

Claim BA for Apple says that he was arrested at home in November 2018 on charges of several thefts of Apple stores in the States of Massachusetts, new Jersey, new York and Delaware. The warrant contained a photograph of the suspect, but the student claims that this man does not even like him.

Also, according to the student, the day, when he was made one of the burglaries, he was on the prom in Manhattan. At the time of the Apple Store stole goods amounting to $1200.

The investigators suggested that the real thief could have used his student’s driver’s license, which he had previously lost to confirm his identity. Thus, the facial recognition system could incorrectly associate a real face with the name of the student.

The lawsuit says that the lawyer BA requested Apple record theft with security cameras, but the company said that this video does not exist.

Usman learned that he was a suspect in the robbery only when they saw in the mailbox call to the municipal court of Boston. Before he could react, after a time November 29, 2018 was arrested. Now all charges against 18-year-old boy shot, but he believes that to pull the company from the hands of such an incident impossible.

Now the young man is now trying to obtain from the company payment for what he had to endure, defending his good name. The lawsuit indicated the requirement to charge Apple $1 billion

Apple and security firm declined to comment on Bloomberg filed a lawsuit against them.

This is not the first case when on the basis of data collected by technology companies, an innocent man charged with a crime. As previously reported, “Lead. Economy”, based on the geolocation data Google 24-year-old Arizona resident Jorge Molina was arrested for a murder he did not commit.

In March 2018 the police investigated the murder of 29-year-old employee of the company on repair of planes, shot at home in Phoenix, Arizona.

The police made a request to Google, and that after 6 months sent geolocation data obtained from four devices at the time when the murder occurred. The location of the vehicle on video surveillance and data of Google on the phone coincided with the account of Jorge Molina, who was arrested on suspicion of murder.

Boy jailed for a week, but during the investigation it became clear that Molina came into the Google-account from smartphones to other people, so could be registered in Sensorvault in several places at once. Then it turned out that at the moment of murder the young man was with his girlfriend, as evidenced by the receipt from Uber. The house of Molina, where he lives with his mother and three brothers and sisters, is two miles away from the crime scene. And the car took a former boyfriend of his mother’s Marcos Gaeta, which, after he was arrested on suspicion of murder.

Molina was released, however, experienced stress was still affecting his health a few months later. In addition, the detention was carried out in the workplace Molina why he was fired. His car has been impounded for forensic purposes, but then returned. The lawyer Molina notes that law enforcement officers had good intentions when they used Google’s data, but they are too trusting an imperfect system.

According to the Google employees who are familiar with the queries, the case in Phoenix demonstrates the prospects and the risk of a new investigation techniques, the use of which has increased dramatically over the last six months. This can help to solve crimes, but can also frame innocent people.

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